The National Juneteenth Observance Foundation (NJOF) was founded in 1999 by Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D., to promote the obserfvance of America's 2nd Independence Day Celebration, the "19th of June", Juneteenth Independence Day in America. Juneteenth completes the cycle of Independence Day Celebrations in America, beginning with the "4th of July" and ending with the "19th of June".

The NJOF host the annual WASHINGTON JUNETEENTH National Holiday Obsevance in Washington, DC. Activities include the National Juneteenth Observance, at the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall, on the 3rd Saturday in June, a Juneteenth Frederick Douglas Freedom March, beginning at the historic Anacostia home of Frederick Douglass and a National Juneteenth Rally, at the U.S. Capitol Grounds, on the "19th of June".

The National Juneteenth Christian Leadership Council (NJCLC) was founded by Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D., in 1996, to work with churches, Christian ministers and leaders to promote the Christian observance of Juneteenth Independence Day in churches across America and the world. The NJCLC host an annual National Juneteenth Prayer & Praise Worship Service and provides leadership supoport for the National Juneteenth Holiday Campaign.

The NJCLC is also the host of the annual National Day of Reconciliation & Healing From the Legacy of Slavery. The NJCLC, supports efforts for America to officially apologize for slavery through the passage of a Congressional Resolution as introduced by Congressman Tony Hall (D-OH), House Concurrent Resolution 356, during the historic WASHINGTON JUNETEENTH 2000 National Holiday Observance and 1st Annual National Day of Reconciliation & Healing From the Legacy of Slavery in Washington, DC.

More About Juneteenth
Our History
National Juneteenth Observance Resolution 2000 - view the 2000 Resolution.
National Juneteenth Observance Resolution 2001 (Word Doc) - view the 2001 Resolution.
National Juneteenth Independence Day Petition (PDF) - view the 2000 Independence Day Resolution.
National Juneteenth Independence Day Petition (Word Doc) - view the 2001 Independence Day Resolution.

Board of Directors

Rev. Ronald Myers, Sr., M.D., Chairman
Mississippi Delta Juneteenth Celebration
POB 269
Belzoni, MS 39038
662-247-1471 662-247-1834 Fax

John Thompson, Vice-Chairman
Juneteenth America, Inc.
POB 1356
Ontario, CA 91762
909-268-7104 CP 909-268-8585 CP

Jeannie Blue, Secretary
St. Petersburg Juneteenth Family Festival
Juneteenth of Tampa Bay, Inc.
760 19th Avenue South
St. Peterdburg, FL 33705

Carlotta Mitchell, Treasurer
National Council of African-American Women
5600 Gibson Blvd., S.E., Suite #378
Albuquerque, NM 87108

Rev. John Mosley
New Orleans Juneteenth Celebration
POB 50481
New Orleans, LA 70150
504-899-1540 504-899-9123 Fax

Clara Peoples
Oregon Juneteenth Committee
1406 N.E. Ainsworth Street
Portland, OR 97211

Opal Lee
Fort Worth Juneteenth Celebration
417 S. Judkins
Fort Worth, TX 76111
817-335-1866 817-335-9605 Fax

Edith Adekunle Wilson
Life Solutions Enterprises
4409 N. 54th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53218
414-614-7658 O

Bernie Wilkins
Delaware Juneteenth Association
2300 Bowers Street
Wilmington, DE 19802
302-764-9022 O 302-762-7975 Fax

Laura Aldrich
Philadelphia Juneteenth Coalition
5349 Wayne Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144
215-842-1760 215-849-9587 Fax

Dino Allen
Anchorage Juneteenth Celebration
2125 Kimberly Lynn Circle
Anchorage, AK 99515
907-269-8993 O 907-269-8995 Fax

R.G. Belin
Juneteenth Association of South Carolina
POB 3954
Winston Salem, NC 29502
843-615-8255 CP 843-665-1185 O 843-678-9283 Fax
888-997-7565 P 843-346-3131 O

Rev. Wesley Hogan
Bethany Baptist Church Juneteenth Celebration
POB 515
Sicklerville, NJ 08081

Mona Adams Winston
Madison Juneteenth Celebration
15 Lakeshore Court
Madison, WI 53715
608-251-8550(Ext. 26) 608-251-0944 Fax

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES (ex-officio members)

Rev. Marilyn Williams-Thornton, Esq., Legal Counsel
Heritage Consultant Services
11837 Parkmeadow Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
225-291-2400 O

T.C. Williams, CPA
T.C. Williams & Company
7676 New Hampshire Ave., Suite #305C
Langley Park, MD 20783
301-445-5850 O 301-445-3839 Fax

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